New Simon’s Cat Soft Toys

Fans of the mischievous cartoon feline can now buy their very own Simon’s Cat plush toys from Big Fat Balloons!

These hand stitched, high quality soft toys come in three sizes. There’s a large size plush, which is available with or without a sound chip. The sound chip plush has authentic Simon’s Cat “meows” which he will perform when you press his front paw!

There’s also a medium soft toy and a Simon’s Cat keyring size for those that want a portable Simon’s Cat they can fit in their pocket and take everywhere!

All items are made of soft short pile white plush and have beans in their bottom, wide eyes and black embroidered features.

Simon’s Cat cuddly toys are made by Carte Blanche – the company behind the famous Me to You, My Blue Nose Friends and Tatty Puppy brands.

More about Simon’s Cat and his creator Simon Tofield

Simon’s Cat shot to fame when he first appeared in 2008 in a short animated film called Cat Man Do. Since then he has appeared in several more You Tube clips as well as in his own books, game and cartoon strip in the Daily Mirror.

Main Simon’s Cat characters:

  • Simon’s Cat a hungry house cat who uses heavy handed tactics to get his owner to feed him. His antics, often in the quest for food of course, upset his owner Simon. He loves not only cat food but also birds, mice, and fish out of Simon’s pond.  His creator Simon Tofield says that Simon’s Cat is based on his four cats Jess, Maisy, Hugh and Teddy
  • Simon – the long-suffering owner of the cat
  • Simon’s sister’s dog: A pooch with wide eyes and pointed ears that first featured in the video Fed Up in which he is fed underneath the table by a family and later in a book.
  • The Bird appears in Snow Business and provokes Simon’s cat into a snowball fight. It also crops up in various other episodes as a squeak toy
  • The Hedgehog lives in the garden. Simon’s Cat loves to stick apples, leaves and tennis balls onto its prickles. The hedgehog also has children! It first appeared in the book and later in the film Cat Chat
  • The Garden Gnome, similar to the one the cat broke in the film Let Me In, he is seen holding a fishing rod or a net. Apparently unaware that the gnome is an inanimate, Simon’s Cat considers him as a friend. He tries to involve him in his schemes to get food
  • The Bunny lives in Simon’s garden and he can run circles around the cat!
  • The Kitten, introduced in October 2011 by Simon, this new family member outsmarts his adult counterpart
  • The Fly appears in Fly guy where it is chased and killed by the cat who feeds it to his owner. Yum!

About Simon Tofield

Simon is an English animator who is interested in wildlife, painting, the great outdoors and of course cats.

Inspired by cartoons on TV, he started animating at a very young age. He used to create flip-books in an attempt to emulate the techniques he saw on screen.

Simon performs all the character sound himself and creates the animated clips using a graphic’s tablet and Flash animation software. To create 1 second of film he usually needs between 12 and 25 drawings!

You can watch all the lovingly crafted films free on Simon’s Cat YouTube channel.


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