Coming Soon! Giant Bubble Helium Balloons

What floats for weeks, stretches like a latex balloon, but isn’t made of latex?

It’s the new Qualatex Bubble Balloon — a large stretchable plastic helium balloon with smooth seams like a beach ball, that looks good from all angles.

We have recently tried out Bubble samples (see picture on the left) and are very impressed by the results. These new balloons are indeed unusual and eye-catching and we are working to introduce this unique balloon range in the next few weeks.

Bubble balloons are not only large and striking they are also:

  • Non-allergenic – making them a perfect get well gift to send to hospitals
  • Long lasting – Bubbles stay inflated and fresh for up to 4 to 6 weeks

Bubble balloons history

For those of you who are curious by nature, I could not resist slipping in this short piece of history…

Bubbles were invented in the 1980s in Japan to serve as a protective layer for latex balloons, but they soon evolved into a pop-resistant, non-oxidizing, super-long-floating balloon of their own.

Early efforts to use this space-age material involved humidifiers, special inflators, and a product with a short shelf life. Now of course the technology has been developed further and the Bubble Balloon has been perfected for commercial use.

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