End of Term Gift Ideas for Teachers

Clubbing together with other parents to buy the teacher a gift voucher as an end-of-year thank you is a great idea. But what if you don’t know the other mums and dads well enough to suggest this approach? Or, what if you work full time and rarely visit the playground to meet other parents?

Well, what about something practical?

A nice pen will be useful, for instance – you’ll just have to hope that the other parents from your child’s class aren’t reading this, or the teacher could end up with a full stationery set.

You could always buy something useful for the classroom too. For infant and nursery school teachers, what about a soft toy book character? Not only will your child love to give their teacher a cute, cuddly toy (assuming that they don’t want to keep it for themselves) but it can also be used as a teaching aid.

Soft toys like Paddington Bear, Elmer the Elephant and The Hungry Caterpillar are great fun. And, in association with the books, can be used to illustrate a variety of educational lessons for years to come.

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