Stay at Home Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas for a Memorable Day

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Your kids might think a birthday party at home sounds boring, but it needn’t be. We’ve compiled a few ideas to help you organise a memorable home party and ensure that everyone has a good time.

Theme ideas for home birthday parties


You don’t need fancy lights and a DJ for a fun- filled disco party for kids. Make a compilation of popular dancing tunes the kids will love and pull the curtains for a suitably dark atmosphere.

Glow in the dark illoom balloons filled with air or helium will make unusual disco party decorations and the kids will love to take them home too.

Children will love dancing games. To have them all giggling, you could add intervals of silly dancing, jumping, hopping or conga, to traditional games such as musical statues.

Traditional activities

A few well planned party activities such as face painting, traditional party games and simple crafts will keep the kids happy for hours on end – pass the parcel is still a popular game and not only with little kids.


“Paint your own” kits where children decorate a money box, t-shirt or other craft items are great to keep everyone entertained too. The final product will make a great take-home keepsake.

Baking kids

Although it might be helpful to get some adults to help out – kids love baking, and a baking party is sure to be a hit – especially if there is chocolate involved.

While it’s best to stick to biscuit and bun icing and decorating for younger children, older children will enjoy baking their buns and biscuits following simple recipes or using supermarket bought baking kits. They could even prepare their whole party tea and make sandwiches or spread toppings on pizza bases.

Check out our Smarties Cookies Recipe, Chocolate Brownies Recipe or Chocolate Buns Recipe for ideas.

Home cinema

What about a cinema party in your sitting room? Pick a couple of films, spread out cushions on the floor for extra seats, and stock up on sweets, fizzy drinks and popcorn for an authentic home cinema experience.

Garden party

And don’t forget your garden – it’s a great, free venue for a spring or summer party, weather permitting, or if you don’t have enough outside space, head to the local park for fun and outside party games.

Piggy in the middle, wheelbarrow race, egg and spoon race, tree legged race and other outdoor games will keep everyone entertained. You could even organise a treasure hunt for older children.

Birthday party decoration ideas

Birthday balloons, a disposable helium canister, balloon ribbons and balloon weights are a cost effective way to create impressive party decorations.

You can also use bunting and banners. Why not sprinkle confetti on the table – chocolate coins, rock lollies or flying saucers will make fun and tasty table decorations too.

Party food

Keep it simple with classic party staples such as hot dogs, pizza and sandwiches that you know everyone will enjoy. Cherry tomatoes, carrot and cucumber sticks, grapes and dried fruit are easy to prepare healthy party snacks too.

And don’t forget… to have the following bit and bobs ready:

  • Disposable camera, digital camera and / or video player
  • Bin bags (you’ll need plenty of these)
  • Party hats / party streamer / party blowers
  • Wine or soft drinks for grown-ups and helpers

Think that’s about it, but let us know if you have any more tips and ideas to have a great kid’s birthday party at home!

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