The Exclusive Christmas Diary of Rudolph

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer is Santa’s 9th Reindeer. He is the lead reindeer pulling the sleigh on Christmas Eve as his glowing red nose lights up Santa’s path through the winter night.

Rudolph the reindeer first appeared in a 1939 promotional booklet written by Robert L. May for Montgomery Ward.

Rudolph has become a figure of Christmas folklore and the story has been adapted in a popular song and several films. He also features in the popular Christmas poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas“.

You might have on occasion wondered what Rudolph is really up to in the run up to Christmas Eve. We’re just about to unveil the secret and publish Rudolph’s exclusive pre-Christmas diary!

1st of December

Rudolph Reindeer

Today Rudolph’s had his official picture taken again as we noticed that the old picture just wasn’t doing him justice. Here he is posing in all his splendour!

2nd of December

Rudolph Walking Balloon

Rudolph opened the 2nd window of his advent calendar and gobbled up the chocolates for breakfast. He doesn’t recommend you do the same, toast or Weetabix is  better for humans – but he needs the energy, so chocolate’s perfect.

Since, he has been busy preparing parcel boxes to help with the large number Christmas gifts we send out. Here he is looking at a job well done with satisfaction!

Walking Animal Balloons

Saying goodbye to Happy Go Lucky, the walking pig balloon who’s just got a job acting in a pantomime – who said only reindeer were busy in the run up to Christmas!

3rd of December

Flying Rudolph Balloon

It’s important to have a little flying practice everyday… no time to exercise outdoors, so the the warehouse will do.

4th of December

Rudolph the reindeer - Checking the IT

Desk bound for the day – needs to get on with the admin. Don’t be fooled, these days even reindeer have paperwork to deal with!

5th of December

Rudolph looking at chocolates

These chocolates definitely look tastier than those in my advent calendar… Is anyone looking?

6th of December

Rudolph the Reindeer and Friend

Taking time out of a busy schedule to catch up with a lady friend.

7th of December

Rudolph The Reindeer Driving to Work

On the commute to work. I wish I could use Santa’s Sleigh it’s much better to avoid traffic jams.

8th of December

Rudolph in bed

Can I have a lie in?

9th of December

Rudolph Backing mince pies

Don’t they look yummy? Check out my simple marzipan mince pies recipe and try them too!

12th of December

Rudolph in Bath

A nice warm bath to start the day!

15th of December

Rudolph With Christmas Bears

Preparing a large Me to You Christmas teddy bears order – all to be given to children in care.

19th December

Rudolph with Cupcakes

Fruity cupcakes! Yum, I need to keep my energy up – Christmas Eve will be busy this year. To bake these yourself, check out my Christmas Cupcakes Recipe.

20th December

Rudolph looking of of the window

Another bright morning… only 4 windows left in the advent calendar. I shall miss the chocolates but I’m looking forward to a nice long sleep on the 25th!

21st of December

Rudolph with Christmas Deliveries

With some of the many parcels going out for delivery today. There’s still time for last minute Christmas gifts, just select Guaranteed Special Delivery during checkout to make sure they arrive on time. Due to the large volumes of mail Royal Mail handles in the run up to Christmas other services might take longer.

22nd of December

Rudolph with Christmas tree

Finally got the tree up, only 3 days ’till Christmas!

23rd of December

Rudolph with Reindeer Friends

Meeting up with some friends – might go out tonight!


Our Walking Reindeer Balloon is an ideal way to send your Christmas wishes to friends and relatives. We challenge you not to smile and giggle (regardless of your age), as this cute reindeer balloon pokes its antlers out of a large stripy box and then follows you around the room. Yes you heard: it’s a balloon, it looks like a reindeer and it walks, no Christmas fairy tale there!

This 24″ (60cm) reindeer balloon is delivered filled with helium in a large, stripy box. As Rudolph’s feet are slightly weighted the balloon does not rise, instead it hovers just above the floor. When you set off, pulling the string behind you, he will obediently follow – “walking” behind you like a well-trained pet.

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