Celebrate A Levels and GCSE Exam Results

Are you one of the thousands of families of GCSE and A level students who are hoping to celebrate their exam success this summer?

If so, have you thought about how you are planning to reward all their hard work and effort?

Well, you could go for the traditional meal out or cash, but what about something that little bit different? We’ve come up with some more interesting ideas to help you celebrate their exam success in real style.

Find out what they like

Before you do anything you need to make sure that your gift won’t end up in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

Think about their hobbies and interests, musical tastes, sporting favourites. If it’s a young relative that you don’t know very well, ask their friends or family to find out their interests.

Gifts for All A Level and GCSE Students

Just remember, gifts don’t have to cost a fortune to be loved. With a little thought and effort, it’s possible to find low-cost gifts that will be worth the world to those who receive them.

For starters try these ideas:

  • Do something with them. Instead of giving them a Robbie Williams CD or a football shirt, for instance, get concert or match tickets. You can either give them the pair or keep one for yourself and spend some quality time together
  • They’ve put a lot of hard work into passing their exams so why not get them something that will last, for instance a beautiful photo album, jewellery or special watch
  • Alternatively, choose something frivolous that they would never buy themselves but will love you for doing so – a pair of the most gorgeous but impractical shoes or a handbag could work for a girl

For Those Leaving Home

  • Board games like Trivial Pursuit, Twister, Taboo, and Pictionary can make great gifts for students going away to college
  • With practical gifts like crockery, saucepans, duvet covers and cooking books for students who need to cook on a budget, you can save them loads of money and you know your gift will be well-used
  • Likewise, picture frames, desk lights etc are useful for personalising their room and helping them feel at home more quickly
  • Finally, what about creating a food hamper of their favourite food – tins of soup, pasta, rice, cereal, soft drinks, and of course, chocolate bars!

… Or celebrate their A Level and GCSE results with a gift from Big Fat Balloons!

They may be turning into young adults, but there’s nothing like an old fashioned surprise to make them smile…

  • Walking Animal Balloons make everyone laugh – and as they are sent by post, they are a great idea if you unable to celebrate with them in person. It’s impossible not to smile when you open the box and see a tortoise or a chicken suddenly poke its head out, just try! And the giggles then come freely as the corgi or cow, or whatever it is, then starts to walks behind them
  • Our Rainbow Congratulations Balloon (pictured here) is one most popular celebratory balloons for students. It can be ordered as one balloon or a 3 balloons bouquet, and is great for putting in the window to show off!
  • Finally, our cute Goober Graduation Bear is perfect for those wishing to go to University

For more gift ideas check out our congratulations balloons, teddy bears and chocolates.

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