They’re in! New Glow in the Dark illoom Balloons

illoom Balloons - Glow in the Dark Balloons - Illuminated illooms

Our popular illoom balloons are revolutionary glow in the dark balloons and are ideal to dazzle your guests and create an effervescent party atmosphere.

Ideal for night time celebrations both indoors and outdoors, illoom balloons will add an enchanting glow to parties, weddings and more.These unusual balloons make stand out party decorations and are sure to get the celebrations started with a bang.

Complete with a tiny LED light they stay illuminated for up to 15 hours! The balloons are child-safe and really easy to use too. Simply pull the tab to activate the light, and then blow up the balloon as normal. Brilliant! You can even fill them with helium gas for fully floating lights.

The latest additions to our illoom balloons range are:

Please note: illoom balloons are safe for use by children over 36 months and can be used both indoors and outdoors. When filled with helium the balloons will float for around 8 to 12 hours – you can use Hi-Float to increase the floating time. Air filled illoom balloons will remain inflated for several days.

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