New November Blue Nose Friends – Alpine, Quiver, Bengal and Needles

Since 2008 and the launch of My Blue Nose Friends, Tatty Teddy is no longer alone and lonely but surrounded by a crowd of new friends. November sees the addition of four new loveable characters for Tatty Teddy to meet. As usual each one has a name, number and personal profile and all of them have patches and a blue nose.

Meet the latest Blue Nose Friends creations  by Me to You:

Needles the Woolly Mammoth No 83 – Needles is a hilarious woolly mammoth whose jokes will have you in stitches; stay cottoned on and you’ll have a ball!

Quiver the Emperor Penguin No 84 – Quiver is a daring Emperor Penguin who loves to skate on thin ice; on the flip side there’s no chance of your friendship cracking.

Bengal the Tiger No 85 – Bengal is a prowling white tiger who’ll roar her way to your heart; she’ll never stray far and will always be within a whisker of you.

Alpine the Bernese Mountain Dog No 86 – Alpine is an intelligent Bernese Mountain Dog who would do anything for you; he’ll lead you to the top but won’t bark orders.

New holographic stickers

My Blue Nose Friends Holographic StickerCarte Blanche – the company behind the Me to You Tatty Teddy brand are also introducing new holographic stickers for My Blue Nose Friends. The holographic security label will give you full peace of mind that you are buying genuine products.

The little square sticker, featuring a cute picture of Patch the Dog, will gradually appear over the next few months on packaging and removable tags.

Read more about the Me to You Tatty Teddy brand and story on our web site or browse our full My Blue Nose Friends range.

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