Latest My Blue Nose Friends – Yabber, Nutmeg, Buck, Koodoo and Ripple

My Blue Nose Friends - Yabber, Nutmeg, Buck, Koodoo, Ripple

Tatty Teddy‘s crowd of special friends is set to keep growing in 2012 and January sees the addition of five new My Blue Nose Friends for Tatty Teddy to meet. As usual each one has a name, number and personal profile and all of them are 4″ tall and have the characteristic patches and a blue nose.

All these latest animals feature the new holographic stickers for My Blue Nose Friends. This will give you full peace of mind that you are buying genuine products. The little square sticker is on the removeable tags and features a cute picture of Patch the Dog.

Meet the latest Me to You My Blue Nose Friends:

No 88 Nutmeg the Squirrel

Nutmeg is a kind and considerate squirrel, who loves to hoard things; she’ll try not to drive you nuts!

She has soft dark grey fur on her body, a bushy tail and a white tummy.

No 89 Buck the Beaver

Buck is a hard working beaver who loves to get his teeth into anything; lodge with him and you’ll understand why.

He has soft, grey plush on his body, a flat tail, cute goofy teeth and a white tummy and nose.

No 90 Yabber the Duck Billed Platypus

Yabber is a chattering Duck-billed platypus who has the gift of the gab; whatever the situation he will talk his way out of it.

He has dark blue fur on his body, white webbed feet and lays flat on his tummy.

No 91 Koodo the Antelope

Koodoo is a dynamic antelope who likes to rise to a challenge; she is leaps and bounds above all antelopes.

She has blue plush on her body, white markings on her head and pink horns and hooves.

Ripple - Special Access CodeNo 92 Ripple the Swan

Ripple is a graceful swan who goes about things in her own way; but she’ll always stick her neck out for you!

A limited edition character, she has a soft white plush body, pale pink webbed feet, shimmering fabric detailing on her face and white fur with a silver sparkle on her wings. Ripple also has a code that allows customers to unlock special features on the Me to You My Place web site.

Read more about the Me to You Tatty Teddy brand and story on our web site or browse our full My Blue Nose Friends range.

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