Guylian Chocolates – A Story of Love, Seashells and Chocolate

With Easter approaching fast, I thought a post on Guylian chocolates – our most popular chocolate brand – would be topical. Read on to discover the story behind this much loved brand.

A Belgian chocolaterie with worldwide appeal

Guylian is based in Sint-Niklaas in Belgium and was founded in1960 by husband and wife team Guy and Liliane Foubert who dreamed up the company name by combining their first names.

Originally a small home-based business, it has now grown into an international corporation. Guylian’s chocolates are now sold in more than 100 countries and can be found in shops all over the world, ranging from local supermarket to major department stores and independent retailers.

Guylian world largest easter eggA story of romance and chocolate

Guy Foubert drew on his childhood interest in sea life to develop his unique Belgian chocolate seashells. While he developed the recipe for the unique praline filling; Lilliane added the artistic touch and designed the shining marbled look and the sculpted shapes.

Today the company also uses a seahorse as its icon. The shape of their chocolate seahorse is unique as it has its tail curling the other way around than seahorses in nature. They use it to help promote their involvement with a charity called Project Seahorse, that campaign for the preservation of the marine environment.

In addition to the popular chocolate seashell, Guylian has since launched La Trufflina truffles and a range of pralines known as Opus, based on opera titles and all having a link to the opera that they are named after.

Chocolate world record

In March 2005, Guylian established a Guinness World Record by building the world’s largest chocolate Easter egg in their home town. 26 Guylian master chocolatiers worked continuously for eight days to create this giant chocolate egg. The sculpture measured 8.32 meters high and 6.39 meters wide and was constructed using 1,950 kilos of chocolate or about 50,000 chocolate Sea Shell Bars.

What makes Guylian chocolates special?

  • Guylian are one of the few chocolate manufacturers that still make their own praline (the paste of crushed hazelnuts/almonds, caramelised sugar and chocolate that fills the seashells). They still use Guy Foubert’s original recipe
  • All the chocolates are in boxes sealed against the air in order to keep the chocolate ultra fresh
  • They are all made the Belgian way with 100% pure cocoa butter
  • There are eleven different seashell shapes in the range and only the Guylian range have a little ‘G’ stamped on each one – the sign of a genuine Guylian chocolate
  • They combine artisanal craftsmanship and traditional Belgian chocolate-making techniques with high tech production techniques

Dietary information

Guylian chocolates:

  • Contain nuts or traces from nuts
  • May contain traces of gluten
  • Do not contain alcohol
  • Most varieties are Kosher, status Dairy
  • All ingredients are non-GMO
  • Are suitable for vegetarians
  • Do not contain any pork or pork-related ingredients.
  • Are NOT suitable for vegans.

Find out more…

To find out more about Guylian, visit their web site.

If you feel hungry after reading this post, why not check out our range of Belgian chocolates and Guylian seashells? They are all available to buy online. You could also try your hand at making your own chocolate with our Tasty Chocolate Truffles Recipe!

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