New Large Bubble Balloons

If you’re looking for an unusual balloon for a friend or relative, you might want to check out our new large Bubble balloons.

These striking balloons measure a huge 24” and are made of stretchy transparent plastic. They are shaped like a large beach ball and have smooth seams, so they look good from all angles. Bubbles are made from non-allergenic material making them perfect for hospital delivery.

Bubble balloons also last much longer than conventional foil balloons and will stay inflated and fresh for up to five weeks.

The new balloons come in a variety of standard and double bubbles designs – a coloured shaped foil balloon inside a large stretchy balloon as illustrated here, and are available for a wide range of occasions.

I have given some of the large bubble balloons to friends for their birthdays and I’ve had some excellent feedback. Everyone seemed impressed by the size, the unusual striking designs and the very long float time.

Just perfect if you want to make an impact!

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