Christmas Gift Ideas for a Recession Busting Yuletide

Despite reports that the economy is starting to recover, many households are living with the effects of the worldwide recession. It’s forcing many people to cut back on their spending for Christmas or face going into debt through credit cards or other loans.

Online balloons and gift store, Big Fat Balloons has come up with a list of budget Christmas gift ideas to help families stay in the black over the festive season.

“There seems to be an expectation that we must all spend like crazy in the run up to Christmas, yet for some families this leads to financial problems that last well into the New Year. However, we don’t believe that Christmas has to be so expensive. By shopping smart and planning ahead you can cut your costs without cutting down on the fun,” said Sophie Baxter, managing director,

To help people stay in the black this year, Big Fat Balloons has put together the following top-five list for a recession busting Christmas.

1. Start early

The earlier you start the more chance you’ll have to pick up a bargain. Keep an eye out for gifts throughout the year or take advantage of end of season sales. Many department stores also run three day sale extravaganzas in the run up to Christmas that can save you pounds. Shopping early can also avoid last minute panic buying, which often results in you spending more than intended.

2. Shop online

Always shop around, especially for more expensive items, and shop online. Some stores offer discounts online that aren’t available on the high street. Not only will online shopping save your feet, it can also reduce the chance of impulse purchases that can soon blow your budget.

3. Buy nearly new

Internet auction sites and free ads in your local paper can be a great way to pick up Christmas presents at a fraction of their store price. You should always check the condition of second-hand goods carefully, but it’s amazing how many are just like new. Some arrive in their original packaging and are completely untouched – probably unwanted gifts from a previous Christmas.

4. Get creative

Spending time on a gift, rather than money, is another option if you really have to reduce your costs. Photographs, poems and artwork can all be framed to make delightful gifts for parents and grandparents.

5. Manage expectations

With children, it’s always better to be as honest as possible, as early as possible. If you just can’t afford the latest games console this year, then let them know. While they may be upset initially, it won’t last forever and at least they won’t be disappointed on Christmas morning.

“However if you really don’t want to disappoint your children, you could ask other family members to contribute towards the gift. After all, one gift they’ll appreciate and play with is better than a dozen they discard,” said Sophie.

Whatever gifts you buy this Christmas, remember it’s the thought that really counts.

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