Easter Gifts That Entertain

Easter Gift Ideas

It’s easy to be stuck for something to do when you have young children. That’s why we’ve come up with some alternative Easter gifts that will entertain the kids. Not only does it mean you’ve an excuse to cut back on the chocolate eggs, but it should help keep the kids occupied too!

Board games for all the family

Board games, for instance make great Easter gifts. Not only are they great fun for all the family but many of the games will help the children with basic skills such as counting, reading, learning how to play together and lose gracefully – we’re still working on the last one!

And there’s a huge range of board games for all ages, from the more traditional, such as Ludo and snakes & ladders to more modern games, all of which will help keep everyone entertained on rainy days.

Easter craft kits

Alternatively, why not buy them creative Easter gifts? Select something that’s Easter themed, such as egg cup painting kits. They’re great fun and you’ll have a masterpiece to eat your boiled eggs from for years to come. There are plenty of Easter themed card making, craft, baking and colouring kits available from shops too.

For more ‘eggciting’ Easter gifts (sorry, couldn’t resist!), why not check out our range of Easter balloons, chocolates and cuddly bunnies?

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