New! Walking Animals Helium Balloons

I challenge you not to smile and giggle (and I don’t care how old you are), as a cow or duck or even a chicken, pokes its head out of a large box and then follows you around the room.

Our new animal walking balloons will have friends and family in stitches. They are the latest must-have pets and even if you don’t want to take them for walks, I’m sure the kids will.

These animal Air Walkers will make perfect get well or birthday gifts for kids from 0 – 100. They include:

Why not surprise someone with their favourite pet or farm animal?

2 Comments on New! Walking Animals Helium Balloons

  1. hi do you have any ballons with a rottweiler dog on it? thanks

  2. Hi Lindsay – I am sorry but we do not have any Rottweilers walking balloons. Our suppliers don’t have that breed yet.

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