Big Fat Balloons Makes The Headines!

Following the “Halifax Company Launches Balloon Gift Website” press release I sent to our local press, a reporter from the Halifax Courier called for an interview. The interview – our first coverage in the press, was published last week.

I knew straight away the postman had read it when he started counting the balloon boxes he had to pick up for us in French (he discovered I was French reading the article)… Comforting to find out that at least one person has read it! Let’s hope it gives us some visitors and orders!

Here is the transcript of the interview – you can even find out whether my children eat frogs legs and snails or not in my answer to question 11!

1.Which part of France do you come from?

Limoges – a town in the South West of France

2.What brought you to England?

The sunshine! Only joking. I came to Bradford University for 6 months to finish my degree, and I am still in England almost 9 years later.

3.Where did you meet your husband and why settle in Halifax?

I met my husband while I was studying at Bradford University. We lived in the same shared house. I guess you could say that we did things the wrong way around, as we lived together before we started dating. As Tim (my husband) was from Halifax it seemed natural to move there.

4.Tell us about your new business venture and how it is going?

A friend sent me a filled helium balloon in a box to celebrate the birth of my first son. It was a great gift that really stood out. A few months later, I ordered a balloon bouquet for a friend’s 50th birthday and she loved it. In fact, she still talks about it today. It seemed such a good idea that my husband and I decided to look into it from a commercial point of view. After completing a great deal of research, Tim and I decided that we could make it work and created – an online shop selling helium balloons and gifts for all occasions. We are already getting a regular stream of orders and have had plenty of good feedback too.

5.Any plans to expand?

I would love to. I think building a strong customer base is essential for this, so we really go the extra mile to deliver great customer service. I am confident that word of mouth about the friendly service we provide, will play a big part in helping us build the web site.

6.What are the most popular balloons at the moment?

With the A level results just coming out we’re sending out plenty of congratulations balloons. Birthday balloons, hen night L-plate balloons and new baby gifts are also proving very popular, I think people really see the balloons as an unusual and original alternative to sending flowers and cards.

7.Do you sell other gifts?

Yes we do – you can also order teddy bears and soft toys (including Classic Winnie the Pooh, Paddington Bear, Peter Rabbit, Forever Friends) and continental chocolates, either on their own or with balloons.

8.What do you spend most money on?

We’ve been spending a lot of time setting up the web site and making sure the web site is just right so it hasn’t left me much time for shopping. But I have to admit that I love great shoes. And of course I love to spoil my two little boys too!

9.What could you not live without?

A dishwasher! Washing up is my pet hate!

10.Last book you read/favourite TV programme?

I just love books – right now I am reading almost anything about business I can put my hands on. If someone has done it before me – why not learn from their experience?

11.Do your children speak French/eat French food?

The children are starting to say a few words in French they are only 2 and 3 years old so they have plenty of time to learn. I feed them only snails and frogs legs. Yuck! Only joking. We went on holiday to France last month and they asked every day if they could have beans on toast!

12.What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Go for it! And look after your friends and they’ll look after you!

13.Who do you admire?

Anyone that dedicates their life to others.

14.Favourite item in your wardrobe?

Jeans. A great pair of jeans is so versatile – dressed down with a T-shirt or dressed up with an evening top. They’re just the perfect, go with everything, garment. I suppose you could say that they’re a bit like our Balloons – great for any occasion!

15.Like to be remembered for?

A good friend, wife and mother. Someone that can inspire others!

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  1. Hi we live Nr Limoges and are looking to buy disposable helium canisters for our party. Can you recommend anyone in the area that we may contact to purchase some?

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Sadly I don’t – it’s ten years since I have left the area, so I don’t know who might sell disposable helium canisters there. Maybe you could try your local yellow pages.

    That said it doesn’t seem that balloons are as popular in France than they are over here.

    Good Luck – Sophie

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