Countdown to Christmas

While the “official” countdown to Christmas starts on the 1st of December, most of us start thinking about and preparing for Christmas a little before (why else would the high street shops put their Christmas range out in the summer!).

I’ve compiled a simple “Countdown to Christmas” to help you get organised this Christmas – and avoid stress all together. Enjoy the countdown to Christmas!

Countdown – 1 to 2 months to Christmas

Do you want to avoid the thick of the Christmas crowds? Avoid the disappointment of finding out that the most desirable gifts have sold out?

Now is your chance to get organised and enjoy a stress free Christmas shopping. I would recommend you try an old fashion list (after all Father Christmas himself has been using one for years!).
I usually get started like this, maybe you’ll want to try it:

  • On one sheet of paper, have one column for the people you need to buy gifts for, a column for gift ideas and one for budget
  • On a separate sheet of paper, do a little brainstorming about each person you want a Christmas gift for (hobbies, favourite colour, favourite bands, films – stuff I’ve picked up when talking to them and so on).

I know it seems obvious, but it works (or at least it works for me!). It gets the thought process kick started and before you know it you see potential gifts for friends and family everywhere!

All you have left to do is buy the gifts, wrap them and label them – and tick friends and relative’s names off your list as Christmas presents pile up in your closet!

You might also want to wrap up a few backup gifts – always good to have on hand if someone unexpectedly drops by with a gift for you!

Countdown – 4 weeks to Christmas

  • Plan your Christmas party wardrobe – what are you going to wear and when, and shop for any clothes you might need
  • Start your Christmas card list and buy all your Christmas cards and stamps

Countdown – 3 weeks to Christmas

now is time to get seriously organised – especially if you are hosting a Christmas party. This week:

  • Send out your Christmas cards and presents
  • Put up your Christmas tree and decorate your house
  • Plan your food and drink shopping list – you should now know how many guests you are expecting for Christmas lunch or any other celebrations you’re hosting so you can plan accordingly
  • Clear out your fridge and cupboards so that you can begin to buy and store your Christmas goodies – start now by buying your non-perishable goods

Countdown – 2 weeks to Christmas

  • Check that you have enough knifes, forks and plates
  • Buy any least minute gifts – make sure all presents are wrapped and labelled

Countdown – 1 week to Christmas

  • Buy last minute drinks and perishable foods
  • Write out a time plan to prepare and cook Christmas lunch so that you are relaxed on the day.
  • Make sure your camcorder and camera are in working order and filled with batteries and film or tapes

Countdown – 1 day to Christmas

  • Check that you’ve got everything — now’s the time for that last minute shopping trip if you’ve forgotten anything.
  • Enjoy a drink on Christmas Eve to celebrate the beginning of the most festive season of all!

Christmas Day

Relax and stay calm if you’re cooking dinner, ask family and friends to help out as needed – it’s time to enjoy yourself!

Merry Christmas!!


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