Turn Buying Great Christmas Toys Into Child’s Play

It’s not always easy to buy good Christmas gifts for kids. Haven’t we all spent a great deal of time and money buying toys only to find the child took one look at it and spent all Christmas morning playing with the box?

If you want the toys you’re buying this Christmas to become much loved favourites, check out the following tips and turn buying toys into child’s play.

1 – Choose toys that don’t command the child

A lot of toys direct children by asking them to press buttons or perform tasks – those toys do little to encourage creative play. They can quickly become boring once the novelty has worn off.

Good toys usually provide children with a platform to play rather than tell them what to do. Try and find toys that allow children to use their imagination and direct play.

2 – Pick a toy that encourages creativity

Toys that can be taken apart and remade, such as Lego or other construction toys will encourage children to use their imagination and provide them with hours of play.

Play Dough, pens, crayons and sketchbooks are also popular favourites, while dolls, teddy bears and action men encourage children to create their own stories through role play.

3 – Check that more than one child can play

While it’s good for children to play alone, it’s also important for them to play with others. Check that the toy encourages social interaction and allows more than one child to play.

4 – Beware toys that promise brain growth

If the box is promising to make your child smarter or bilingual – beware. Such claims are extravagant and mostly unfounded.

5 – Use common sense!

If you have children of your own you can observe and see what type of toy they enjoy and like to play with. If you don’t have any children, maybe you can try and remember what toys you liked when you were their age. You can also ask friends and relatives what their kids favourites are and pick up good tips this way.
6 – Keep it simple

While complex toys with lots of gadgets, flashing lights and fancy features look impressive, simple toys often work best. They are less likely to break and their simplicity encourages the child to use their imagination and play.

I hope this helps, have a good Christmas!


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