The Single Woman’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Surviving Valentine’s Day

Although I’m now happily married and know that if the queue at the card shop is too long, my husband won’t bother with a card! – I still remember how I felt as a single woman in the days leading up to the 14th of February.

Even though I was quite happy being single, I always wondered ‘Will I get anything?’. In truth, I didn’t really want a card covered with doe-eyed puppies, from the bloke down the road who I’d been trying to avoid since he sent me a soppy Valentine’s card the previous year.

But an empty doormat on Valentine’s Day still made me feel a little lonely. Especially as everyone else I knew always seemed to have a boyfriend to send them flowers and take them out.

So, here are some ideas for surviving Valentine’s Day as a single woman.

Why not get together with other single friends and celebrate your freedom? You could even throw a party for singles only – if it’s a mixed event, you never know what might happen!

Or why not just treat yourself? After all you know exactly what makes you feel good. You could order a takeaway and open a bottle of your favourite wine or even champagne. Toast the fact that you haven’t had the hassle of any Valentine’s gifts or queuing for cards.

Has anyone any other ideas?

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