10 Kids’ Birthday Ideas for a Really Special Day

When you are a child, your birthday is one of most exciting days of the year. If you have kids, you might want to build up the excitement and make the day extra special for them. Here are a few tips that will help you add some inexpensive and imaginative touches to their birthday.

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Make your son or daughter “King/Queen” for the day

Within reason, let your child do whatever he or she wants all day. Let them choose what they want to eat or make sure their favourite foods are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You could:

  • Bring them breakfast in bed
  • If it’s a school day, wrap all contents of your child’s lunch box in wrapping paper. For added fun, sneak in a birthday card and some balloons
  • Instead of having a meal at the table, lay a blanket on the floor or lawn and have a picnic-style breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Wake your child up with bunches of balloons.

While the birthday boy / birthday girl is still asleep, inflate a bunch of helium balloons, and place them in their bedroom. You can scatter air filled latex balloons on the floor or inflate them with one of our disposable helium canisters for fully floating decorations.

Make special birthday clothing for them

Buy or make a silly hat decorated with balloons, ribbons, and so on. Or, make a special birthday t-shirt or slippers using fabric paints and pens, stick-on sequins and ribbon. Siblings will love to help you create the perfect fashion master piece too!

Do all your child’s chores for the day

Have fun with the tasks by asking how you need to do them and ask your child to check that all the jobs are done properly!

Bake the birthday cake together

Instead buying a ready made cake, make it yourselves, and let your child decorate with coloured icing, sweets or small (clean) toys. For recipes ideas, you could try our Easy Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe or make a simple Victoria Sponge Cake and go wild with the decorating.

Have a treasure hunt

To add to the excitement, why not hide the birthday gifts and create a treasure hunt, with one clue leading to another, until they find the loot. For smaller children you could simply hide their gifts around house!

Send your child a surprise package

Send your child a surprise package to open on his birthday. A helium filled balloon in a box, a birthday teddy bear or some novelty chocolates are all popular with kids. Insert a card or message, but sign it “secret admirer” or “mystery friend” and have them guess who the package comes from.

Create Happy Birthday Vouchers

On colourful paper or card, write down tokens for your child to enjoy, such as “Stay up an hour later than usual”, “Free Ice Cream in the Park” or “1 Hour of Board Game Playing”, “1 Free Swimming Session”. Staple them in a voucher book, and give them your child on the day.

Film memorable messages

Turn yourself into a reporter and video special messages from your child’s friends and family members and play it back on the day.

Start a birthday ritual

Recreate your favourite rituals each year on your child’s birthday and start you own family birthday traditions!

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