New My Blue Nose Friends by Me to You

My Blue Nose Friends - Stilts - Webster - Sue Shee - Giggles - Goldie

Five new Me to You My Blue Nose Friends are now available online – the new limited edition Stilts the Flamingo is already proving popular. Which one’s your favourite? (I like Sue Shee the pelican best!).

Clockwise from the left we have:

My Blue Nose Friend Stilts – a patient flamingo, who will always keep you in suspense; but don’t worry she’ll never stand you up.

My Blue Nose Friend Webster – a creative little spider who will capture your imagination; he’ll always have your thoughts in a spin.

My Blue Nose Friend Sue Shee – a crafty pelican who is always fishing for something, but she’ll never cast a doubt over your friendship.

My Blue Nose Friend Giggles – a cheeky baboon who loves to play jokes, but don’t worry, he won’t leave any banana skins for you.

My Blue Nose Friend Goldie – a playful Labrador who always likes to be a good sport; he’ll do anything to score brownie points with you.

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