Decorate Your Period Home Easily Without the Need to Trail around Antiques Fairs

Let me reassure you, I am not going to suggest you kit out your period home or garden with bright helium balloons and cute teddy bears – although, of course you are more than welcome to do so.

I just want to open up the scope of the Big Fat Blog and review and recommend sites I like or find useful and interesting.

I am starting this week with Period Features who sell hardware, paint and accessories for period homes and gardens.

I stumbled across the Period Features’ web site after reading an article in the Sunday Times a few months ago. Period Features was founded in 2001 by Lucie Storrs an entrepreneur from Leek in the Peak District who has both an old fashioned shop and an online shop selling hardware and accessories to help period home owners renovate their house.

I enjoyed browsing the shop and looking at their unusual period style fittings and accessories for the home and garden. I think that if you own a period home or want to give a nostalgic feel to your modern house, there’s a chance you’ll find treasures there, without any need to trail around antiques fairs (of course nothing stops you doing that too!).

I have to admit that I have not bought from Period Features, so I cannot possibly describe my experience of the service offered. My own Victorian terraced house is – as mentioned in the estate agent’s ad when we bought it, “in need of modernisation”. So it needs some serious home improvement before I can load my basket with old fashioned door knobs and other nostalgic accessories.

You might also want to check out the Period Features blog – where you can pick up restoration tips and small business advice and the testimonial’s page which features feedback from people who – unlike me, have actually bought from the shop!

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