New Big Teddy Bears

If you want to send a cuddle to a loved one, check out our new big Gund teddies. Soft and huggable, they’re perfect to wish someone a happy birthday or to comfort someone who’s ill.

We have:

Alfie (pictured here) – the perfect teddy bear gift. He has extremely soft light brown fur, a dark brown nose and cream fur on his tummy and face. His expressive eyes are just pleading for you to pick him up and give him a cuddle. £16.99

Pearly – a 19″ Gund bear with a gold organza bow around his neck and soft shaggy light cream fur. His expressive black eyes are just begging for cuddles. He is impossible not to fall in love with. £19.99

Georgie – a large Gund teddy bear with soft, shaggy blond fur all over his body and smooth, soft lighter brown fur on his nose and paw pads. Only £14.99

Check out our web site for more big teddy bears.

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