Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts

Celebrating Father’s Day

Olympic fever is gripping the nation. So at Big Fat Balloons we’ve given our Father’s Day gift ideas the Olympic treatment with our winning line-up of the best five Father’s Day Gifts for 2012.


In fifth place we’re playing it safe with a gift that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your dad’s face – Chocolates!

You can always buy your dad a box of his favourite chocolates or some Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Fudge. But if your dad is a bit of a joker, we’ve an interesting twist on this old Father’s Day favourite.

Our range of novelty chocolates are sure to brighten his day. Surprise him with a can of chocolate worms or shock him with our chocolate spiders. They might give him a fright, but they still taste delicious!

Perhaps your dad is a real handy-man around the house. If that’s the case then our chocolate tools will make a great gift for Father’s Day.


In fourth place is another gift that is bound to be a hit with dad – books. Whether your dad reads novels or autobiographies, a book is usually a safe bet for Father’s Day.

If you’re struggling for book ideas, get him a book by his favourite author, or if he likes the outdoors, a book on walking will come in useful. Perhaps your dad likes cooking. If so, the latest celebrity chef book to hit the shelves will be a welcome Father’s Day gift.

For something a little bit different, a hard-backed road atlas, world atlas or a subscription to his favourite magazine will come in very useful.

Willow Tree Gifts

We’re now into the medal positions! And in third position, taking bronze, is our Willow Tree figures. Willow Tree statues come in a variety of poses to illustrate an array of emotions and sentiments. Dads will adore our range of Willow Tree statues that feature fathers and their children.

Each figure is designed to express a range of sentiments through the subtle posing of the body and tilt of the head. They capture a wealth of emotions and say everything you want to say, without using words.

Teddy Bears

Father’s Day teddy bears make great fun gifts, especially from younger children, which is why they’ve come in second, winning our silver medal.

We’ve some adorable soft toys and our range of Tatty Teddies are irresistible. No matter how tough your dad pretends to be, we know those teddy bears will melt his heart!

Send a balloon

In gold medal position, it has to be our range of Father’s Day balloon gifts. Great to surprise your dad if he lives away, we deliver your Father’s Day balloon in a brightly coloured box and include your own special message. If you want to make your gift extra special, you can always add one of our other gifts to send with your helium balloon.

To make Dad smile, you might want to consider one of our walking animal balloons. No one can fail to smile when you see a cow, penguin or panda wandering across the lounge!

Whatever you decide to send your dad this Father’s Day, just remember to send it with your love.

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