Big Birthdays – a great excuse for a party!

When I was young, apart from Christmas, my birthday was just about the most exciting day of the year. And I know my kids now feel the same; they start talking about their birthdays months in advance.

But everyone’s enthusiasm for birthdays began to fade as the numbers increased. I also found that a big birthday would suddenly arrive and remind me just how quickly time passes.

Yet when I was talking to a good friend of mine, my attitude towards birthdays changed again. Her next big birthday has appeared on the horizon and she isn’t the least bit bothered, in fact she’s quite looking forward to it.

“There’s no hiding from it, your birthday will happen once a year and when you think about the alternative… well, I’d prefer the birthday! You can relax and indulge yourself without feeling guilty, and you get to eat cake. What’s not to love?”

It seemed fun and exciting and prompted me to write an article on Celebrating Big Birthdays in Style with party tips and gift ideas. Is a milestone birthday looming for a loved one? You can always surprise them with a big birthday balloon or birthday teddy bear delivered direct to their home or work place (so they can’t hide how old they really are any more!).

And when it comes to a big birthday, remember to have fun and celebrate is style!

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