New Aroma Home Hot Hugs Microwaveable Hotties

Comforting bed warmers

Don’t we all need a cuddle from time to time? No matter how old you are, it’s always nice to hug a cuddly toy.

Our new range of delightful Aroma Home Hot Hugs bed warmers will provide adults and children of all ages with the ultimate comforting hug.

Aroma Home Hot Hugs Microwaveable Hotties

Hot Hugs are irresistibly cute plush animals with removable tummy inserts filled with natural wheat grains. Just warm up in the microwave and pop it back inside for a gorgeously warm cuddle. Awww!

But there’s more: the wheat grains are infused with a soothing blend of lavender and camomile pure essential oils, so your bed warmer doesn’t only look good, it smells good too.

Just a minute in the microwave infuses the insert with lasting heat and you can count on the natural fragrances to aid restful sleep too.

Aroma Home bed warmers are also made from the highest quality plush fabrics for softness to the touch.

These cute hotties are popular night time companions for children as they will help rock them gently to sleep, night after night.

In fact, with new friends so hot and huggable, little ones will never want to put them down!

From cheeky monkeys and elephants to hot horses and bleating lambs, you’re sure to find an animal to suit most recipients and occasions. Why not treat a loved one – or indeed yourself to one of our delightful Aroma Home bed warmers?

It will make a much loved gift on occasions such as get wells, birthdays or Christmas.

Aroma HomeMore about Aroma Home

Aroma Home originally started selling microwaveable body wraps infused with relaxing essential oils. Since then they have developed products for kids (like the Hot Hugs range) that are fun, adorable and with bags of character. They are much safer than traditional hot water bottles too, and as the calming aromas aid restful sleep, parents love them too!

Here at Big Fat Balloons we instantly feel for the Aroma Home bed warmers – they are adorable, practical, fun and top quality too. We couldn’t ask for more!

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