Great Gifts Ideas for Newborn Babies

It’s probably predictable, but my top of the list “baby gift” has to be the new baby balloon that a friend sent me through the post. I was so impressed with it that it gave me and my husband the inspiration for setting up Big Fat Balloons!

Now, I know that most new born baby gifts don’t result in life-changing decisions, but some can be more useful than others. So you  might find hints and tips about buying new born baby gifts quite useful – especially if you don’t have children.

For instance, while flowers are a lovely gift, most people quickly run out of vases, so buying an arrangement with its own water supply or vase is much more practical. Also, if you’re buying clothes for when the baby is older, remember to consider the season. A friend of mine had a gorgeous summer dress bought for her baby daughter. But by the time the dress fitted her baby it was November.

Check out the full Great Gift Ideas for New Born Babies on our web site. Still stuck for ideas? You might want to send a new baby balloon or choose one of our baby teddy bears.

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  1. I love the large baby shaped balloon on your website. I think it looks amazing and is a fantastic gift idea.

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