Tooth Fairy Gifts and Traditions

Tooth Fairy Gift

Special gifts for this important milestone

Traditionally the Tooth Fairy gives children some money or a small gift in exchange for baby teeth that have fallen out.

Losing teeth is an important milestone in a child’s life and you may wish to mark the occasion with a special Tooth Fairy gift. Small keepsake boxes for baby teeth are popular and a new toothbrush with some “big teeth” toothpaste will make a useful gift.

Tooth Fairy PillowTooth Fairy pillows

Children typically place the tooth under their pillow and the Tooth Fairy replaces it with money while the child is asleep. Our Tooth Fairy pillow is a tiny princess shaped pillow with a special pocket to put a tooth or coin. It’s an ideal tooth fairy gift for a little girl and perfect to ensure baby teeth are kept safe!

European traditions

Different cultures across the globe have their own traditions. For example, in France where I grew up the Tooth Fairy is replaced by a little mouse “La Petite Souris”, who swaps baby teeth for coins during the night. Other European countries such as Spain or Italy have similar traditions with a small mouse.

Why not follow the continental tradition and give your child our cute Steiff cuddly mouse?

Customs around the world

In some Asian countries, when a child loses a tooth he or she should throw it onto the roof if it came from the lower jaw, or into the space beneath the floor if it came from the upper jaw. While doing this, the child shouts for his baby tooth to be replaced with that of a mouse. This tradition is based on the fact that the teeth of mice – as for those of all rodents, grow for their entire lives.

In Japan, a similar tradition calls for children to throw their top teeth either on the floor and bottom ones in the air, in the hope that the new teeth will grow straight.

In Middle Eastern countries the custom is to throw the baby tooth into the sky towards the sun and ask for a better one to replace it!

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