Do Single Men Love Valentine’s Day?

I’ve been thinking and it seems to me that Valentine’s Day is just perfect if you’re a single man.

A word of warning before you read on, by the way. I am about to be shamelessly prejudiced here, cynical and will no doubt be talking about a stereotype that doesn’t fit every single man out there – and to those sensitive, caring individuals (who, I’ve been assured, do exist) I apologise in advance.

But let’s face it; the majority of single men on Valentine’s Day (at least those that I’ve met over the years) are on to a winner.

For a start, they won’t be banished to the spare room, given the silent treatment for a month, or even have to apologise if they forget about Valentine’s Day altogether.

If they do remember and decide to make a romantic gesture to the attractive, yet single (they’ve checked), new account executive in marketing, they could earn Brownie points that will last for months.

Finally, as Valentine’s Day can cause even the most confident and happily single women to have a little wobble about loneliness, single men have a fantastic chance of getting lucky on Valentine’s Day – or at least getting a date.

So, if you’re male and single, what’s not to love about Valentine’s Day?


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