Bridesmaid Thank You Gifts to Rival the Royals

Bridesmaid Teddy Bear Gift - Me to You

Kate and William’s special day resulted in pages and pages of coverage in the national and international press. But there’s one thing that I’ve yet to discover – what did the Royal couple buy their bridesmaids as a thank you gift?

After all bridesmaids not only look great in the photos but they’re also there to help and assist the bride on the day. Just think what a great job Pippa Middleton did with Kate’s train, not to mention keeping those younger bridesmaids under control.

Keepsake jewellery

Jewellery is always a welcome bridesmaid’s gift – necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be tailored to the taste and age of all your bridesmaids. If you’re trying to keep costs down then fashion jewellery can be a relatively inexpensive alternative to gold or silver jewellery.

Fun bridesmaids gifts

For a fun and lighthearted gift, why not choose a thank you balloon or a keepsake bridesmaid teddy bear that will let them know just how much you appreciate their help and friendship.

Small novelty gifts and colouring books are perfect to keep young bridesmaids entertained throughout the day. Prince Harry entertained the young bridesmaids with a “wiggly worm” toy, that was so popular that it made it onto the official wedding photographs.

Experience gifts

Alternatively for something that little bit different, you could always treat older bridesmaids to a spa or beauty treatment as a thank you gift. For more daring bridesmaids, an experience gift might be an option. Just imagine – bungee jumping bridesmaids would be a great one for the wedding album!

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