Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas To Delight The Bride and Groom

The tradition of buying the bride and groom wedding gifts originates from when the bride’s father gave money or gifts (a dowrie) to his future son-in-law and family.

The practice has evolved and now wedding guests shower the happy couple with gifts. However, while the “new” tradition might have the Bride’s Father sighing with relief, it has created a maze of issues for wedding guests.

As the wedding season is now in full bloom, I’m starting a series of posts on wedding gifts – which will hopefully help you find the right gift! This first post is all about finding affordable wedding gift ideas that will still make an impact.

Pick your gift from the wedding list early

Wedding gift lists can be useful, if you’ve no idea what to buy the bride and groom. However make sure that you choose and buy your gift as soon as you get the list – you will have more choice of presents and will hopefully be able to pick a gift that suits your budget too.

Creative wedding gift alternatives

But what happens if the gift list is out of your price range completely – remember the antique shop scene from Four Weddings and a Funeral?

Well, something personal might be an option.

For couples you’ve known for some time, put together a photo album or scrap book charting your friendship and their developing relationship. You could collect well wishing notes and pictures from other friends and relatives too to create a really special book. While the cost will mainly be your time, photo developing and an album, the end result will be priceless for the bride and groom.

On the theme of photos; if you have a particularly good photograph of the happy couple, have it enlarged and framed or a canvass print made from it – just make sure it’s a photo you know that they like.

“Safe” wedding gifts for all budgets

If there are no affordable gifts left on the wedding list and you don’t know the couple very well, a bottle of  wine or champagne will always go down well – and you can always add a couple of nice glasses to make your gift more special.

You could also choose “useful” gifts and buy the couple a set of nice fluffy towels or even tea towels.

Still unsure? Why not give the bride and groom some gift vouchers? You can buy vouchers according to your budget and they can choose something they like and need.


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If you’re looking for a fun alternatives to cards why not send one of our wedding balloons, delivered inflated to the address of your choice, it’s sure to make the occasion more memorable. You can always add wedding teddy bears or chocolates to make your wedding gift extra special.

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