Flatout Bears – Why Celebrities Love Them

Soft, cuddly and flat, FLATOUT bears are made of 100% pure Australian sheepskin shaped like a teddy bear.  They’re natural, plush and luxurious – and everyone loves them.

The FLATOUT bear has a star studded fan base including Princess Mary of Denmark, Brooke Shields and Hugh Jackman. Tom Cruise had the FLATOUT bear on his baby wish-list, Jennifer Garner “loves it” and J.Lo has been snapping them up!

To find out why celebrities love Flatout bears – just read on!

My God, that’s beautiful! Oh, that is gorgeous! My daughter is going to love that. Oh, that’s terrific. You know how it is with babies, they attach themselves to certain things – she will love this. That is really cool. FLATOUT bear. All right. Love it!

Matt Damon (pictured here)

We ALL love the FLATOUT bear! Even Darla, our dog, tried to get hold of our furry friend. Thank you for thinking of us.
Sincerely, Brooke xx

Brooke Shields

Thank you so much for the adorable bear. It has already found a home in our family. We greatly appreciate your generosity!

Deborra-Lee & Hugh Jackman

I love the FLATOUT bear & I know our baby will too!

Jennifer Garner

I’ve being buying FLATOUT bears for all my friends’ babies for quite some time now – I too think every child should have one, and I was hoping someone would give Daisy one.

In the end I bought one for her as I couldn’t bear the thought that she would miss out on FLATOUT!!!!

Now, we’ve been blessed to have another one enter our family (different colour – cool) so Miss Daisy can enjoy a family of FLATOUT’S. One for her cot and one for her pram – all a little girl could ever want!!

We are huge fans!!!

Karina Daddo xoxo

I really struggled with the question of whether I had the strength and character to give (the FLATOUT bear) to my son rather than keep it for myself…

Sarah Jessica Parker

Thank you for the kind congratulations and the Flatout bear…

Princess Mary of Denmark


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