Wedding Gifts – What To Do If They Are Asking For Money

As more and more couples live together before tying the knot, requests for cash or vouchers are becoming increasingly popular.

While it’s a practical solution for the happy couple, not all guests like to give cash or voucher gifts. Knowing how much is appropriate to give and the transparency of how much has been spent can make some guests feel uncomfortable.

To overcome this problem, if the wedding gift is for someone you work with, why not club together with other colleagues?

If it’s a friend, agree a set amount with the rest of your group of friends and give them one big cheque from all of you. This way, you know you’ve all given the same and you’ll be presenting the couple with a much larger and impressive looking gift cheque than if you’d all given separately. A perfect solution all round!

If you are traditional and would like to treat the couple to a gift for their home, why not just tell them and ask them what they need or like?


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If you’re looking for a fun alternative to cards why not send one of our wedding balloons, delivered inflated to the address of your choice, it’s sure to make the occasion more memorable. You can always add wedding teddy bears or chocolates to make your wedding gift extra special.

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