What If They Want no Wedding Gifts at All?

While many couples might feel that sending out gift list details with their wedding invitations can seem presumptuous, the reality is that most guests (especially close friends and relatives) will want to buy a gift to mark the occasion. After all, would you really feel comfortable turning up to a wedding without a gift?

If you know the couple well, you should be able to choose a gift that suits their personality or matches their home’s style.

You can always buy them a bottle of their favourite wine or a magnum of bubbly, or some stylish frames and albums to display their wedding pictures.

You could also make a donation to charity in their name. Some charities, including Oxfam, have a list of ‘gifts’ you can buy – including school books for children in developing countries.

Alternatively, if they have young children that you know well, why not buy gifts for the kids or offer to babysit for the happy couple when they return from honeymoon? Having children myself, I’m sure the offer would be well received!

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