Pig Balloons Direct Marketing Campaign

While it’s not always easy for companies to promote their goods and services effectively, we all pay attention to a marketing campaign that stands out. Some companies know this and creatively find ways to grab their customers’ attention.

Last week a British food manufacturer asked us to send 76 walking pig balloons to food buyers across the country as part of a targeted direct mail campaign to promote its new pork-based range. The pig balloons (pictured here ready for despatch) were sent with literature about the new range as part of a tailor-made direct mail marketing package.

Sending a balloon in a box as part of a targeted direct mail campaign can be a very effective way to grab attention and effectively reach customers – providing high returns for a small investment.

If you want to organise a balloon mailing campaign, just contact me to discuss your requirements on 01422 300 654 – I’d be happy to help.

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