Secret Santa Gift Ideas

While Secret Santa is a fun way for a group of people to give and receive a gift, it can be difficult to buy a gift for someone you don’t know very well on a limited budget.

Our Secret Santa gift guide is packed with tips and gift ideas ranging from novelty chocolate pizzas to books and toiletries. With most gifts under £10.00 you’ll find something for every friend, family member or co-worker.

Buying gifts for the office Secret Santa

If you’re buying a gift for work’s Secret Santa, remember that it is often best to give gifts that offer an escape from work.

While you can choose a funny novelty Secret Santa Gift it is best to avoid saucy gifts – even if intended as a joke, they might shock or offend. You often spend more time with office or work colleagues than friends and relatives, so you don’t want to risk upsetting them!

Stick to the guide line prices – overly expensive gifts would make others feel uncomfortable.

Always have a couple extra items in stock – it would be embarrassing to realise you’ve forgotten to include someone!

You can read more on office gifts on our web site.

Funny and novelty Secret Santa gifts

Anything from a novelty shop. From naughty card games to fart machines, there are fun novelty gifts for everyone. Just make sure you don’t go overboard!

For something a little different, why not check out our novelty chocolates? Chocolate coins, chocolate pizzas are fun treats for everyone. White chocolate maggots are popular with fishermen and chocolate tools with DIY fans. You could also try putting someone off chocolate forever with creepy chocolate worms or chocolate spiders.

Our Small Traditional Sweet Shop is filled with traditional sweets and is sure to be a hit with adults and children of all ages.

Traditional gifts that always work

While these gifts are not highly original they are traditional favourites because they work. Generic enough to be suitable for people you don’t know very well, they can also be personalised if picked with thought.

  • Books – paperbacks are relatively inexpensive – from novels to recipe books you can tailor your choice to the recipient’s taste
  • Belgian chocolates – always popular!
  • Journal or photo album
  • Gift vouchers – not always a cop out, especially for people who like to shop for themselves and have picky tastes.
  • Alcohol gifts – wine, champagne or their favourite drink
  • Board games or card games – some classic games like Uno are relatively inexpensive and will provide useful entertainment over Christmas
  • Teddy bears and cuddly toysChristmas teddy bears can be taken out every year. While Little Uglys, Uglydoll Clip-ons, My Blue Nose Friends and The Snowman Soft Toy are all popular small gifts for adults and children of all ages
  • Beauty products – bath bomb, shower gels can be tailored to all budget and are popular Secret Santa gifts for women
  • Scented candles
  • Plants – choose a small seasonal plant such as poinsettia

If you want to get creative

If you’re blessed with creative talents, then why not make your own gifts? Creative cooks could make Christmas cakes or other festive foods. They would no doubt make a welcome gift. You could also organise a Secret Santa with a creative theme. Usually popular with groups of girlfriends where givers need to make or customise and idet of clothing or some Christmas decorations for the recipients.

Not sure how secret Santa works?

Secret Santa, also known as Chris Kindle or Kris Kringle is a western tradition were the names of all participants are placed in a hat, and each participant draws the name of a person to buy a gift for.

Participants can also submit a short list of items for the gift-giver to choose from. Usually there is a £5 or £10 spending limit and presents are exchanged anonymously. It’s popular in offices, schools, amongst groups of friends or in large families. Sometimes people leave hints, so the recipient can guess who the giver is.


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