Gift Tips Interview with Sharyn Wortman From Today Was Fun

In this interview Sharyn Wortman from the tea company Today Was Fun explains she struggles finding gift ideas for her husband and why she thinks that sometimes no gift at all might be better than a bad gift!

What is the best gift you have ever received?

A lovely orange leather TODs handbag, I use it every day. My husband never knows what to buy me but this time he got it just right. What a surprise it was when he gave it to me all wrapped up over a birthday dinner for two.

What is the worst present you have received?

My worse gift was an electronic wine cooler. It was a wedding present from two very close friends, I thought they knew us better…

Who is the most difficult person you have to buy for?

My husband is not easy to buy for, as he doesn’t really want for anything material, nice trait to have but not when it’s his Birthday!

Do you enjoy buying gifts?

Yes I enjoy buying gifts, I love wrapping them up and imagining the person’s face when they open it!

What is your top gift buying tip?

Buy something that you know they’ll love. If you can’t find anything at the time better to wait. You don’t have to give a gift if you can’t find one,  a card will suffice. Then when they’re least expecting it you can present them with something you know is perfect!

What are your favourite gift web sites?

I like Cox and Cox


Australian born Sharyn Wortman worked in advertising for 10 years as an art director before making the decision to come to London. “Once I had had enough of working in advertising I gave myself a week to come up with a new idea. I like to be quite spontaneous and this is one of the most inspiring things about running my own business!” she explains.

She continues by saying: “If anyone had ever read my fortune and told me that I would run a tea company in London one day I would have told them they were crazy, and yet at the age of 35 I find myself doing exactly that and loving it.

Sharyn lives and works on a boat on the river Thames, loves to entertain friends and family and experiment in her kitchen. As a result of endless pots of tea over breakfast, lunch and dinner she came up with her blends.

In 2005 Today was Fun won best new Organic Product for its Sleepy Tea and received a highly commended award for Gift of the Year. Then in 2006 the company won best new Organic Product again for Green Green TeaTM. “I must be doing something right to keep on knocking off the big boys,” Sharyn says. “I think it is a combination of creativity, passion and not being surrounded by people who play safe.

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