8 Top Tips to Make Father’s Day Special and Involve The Kids Too

Dads don’t always get the attention they deserve when it comes to Father’s Day. Father’s Day doesn’t quite get the same coverage as Mother’s Day but you can still make Dad feel special and get the kids involved too.

Forget novelty socks – it’s time to get the kids to use their imagination to create something a little more unique and spoil Dad without breaking the bank.

    1. Allow him to enjoy a long, uninterrupted lie-in (it might be harder with small children as they will be excited)
    2. Bring him his favourite breakfast in bed – the children can help prepare him a breakfast made with love. Remember to bring Dad the morning papers too
    3. Wash his car – maybe while he enjoys a peaceful breakfast
    4. Make your own card and write all the things you like about Dad (or what you like to do with him) and add plenty of drawings. Older children could write a poem.
    5. Make your own “The Best Dad in the World” certificate. You could even frame it and add a picture of the kids
    6. Agree to be on best behaviour – spend the whole day without arguing or fighting, be quiet when asked etc…
    7. Do something together as a family – picnic, walk, visit the park or anything you like to do as a family
    8. Ask Dad what he would like to do – after all it’s his special day!

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  1. My husband read this article and told me he was please to read he was getting a “lie-in, a cooked breakfast in bed, and having his car washed” – he was not bothered about the rest of the treats.

    When Father’s Day came I should admit the lie-in cooked breakfast and car wash did not happen. We cooked him dinner and put some party music on though. I guess I am just not very good at taking my own advice!

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