What makes Mother’s Day special?

What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received? You know, the one that almost made you cry – or actually had you in floods of tears?

I’m betting that it was something incredibly personal and touching. Perhaps a homemade card or drawing made by your children when they were young, with the words ‘I love you Mummy’ scrawled in crayon.

I have to say that does it for me every time. Flowers and gifts are lovely – and very gratefully received – but it’s the simple messages that mean the most.

That’s why I don’t think that Mother’s Day gestures can be measured in financial terms. I think what’s important is the time and effort you spend to make your Mum feel special – no matter how old you are.

If you have your own ideas for fantastic Mother’s Day gifts, why not share them with us?


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2 Comments on What makes Mother’s Day special?

  1. I agree that the cost of the gift really doesn’t matter on Mother’s Day, it’s the thought that always makes it special.

    Last year for Mother’s Day, my seven-year-old daughter made a teapot-shaped card, which she decorated herself. Inside she included a lovely message of love, along with a tea bag for a relaxing cuppa in bed. It certainly made me smile.

    Although having said all that, if my husband reads this, I’m not averse to receiving gifts of flowers, pamper gifts or weekends away!

  2. Reading this post back I realised that my best Mother’s Day gift is to see their little faces gleaming with excitment as they watch me open their cards and gifts!

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