Easter gifts ideas for babies and young children

Easter Balloon Gift

Easter is a great time of year and the start of all things new. It’s also the time when our children receive enough chocolate eggs to feed an army of Easter bunnies.

Yet chocolates are not always suitable for babies. At Big Fat Balloons we don’t believe that babies or very young children should miss out on Easter fun, so we’ve come up with a list of alternative Easter gift ideas that are great for younger children too.

Easter themed clothing

Easter-themed clothing is always very popular. There are some amazingly cute sleepsuits, T-shirts and outfits adorned with baby rabbits and chicks for Easter. Or you could opt for a more general clothing gift and buy the baby a summer outfit.

Balloon gifts

For something that little bit different, why not check out our range of Easter balloons, which are proving more popular every year. They not only keep the babies amused for hours, but older brothers and sisters also love playing with our balloons too.

Easter cuddly toys

Plush bunnies or other Easter soft toys are also popular gifts for little ones. Just make sure you check that any soft toys you buy for babies are suitable from birth, just like our range of cuddly toys for babies.

It’s surprising how easy it is to come up with alternative Easter gifts for babies and young children – it also gives you a great excuse to help them out with any Easter eggs they might receive from other friends and relatives!

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