Buying Christmas Gifts: Lower Income Leads to Greater Generosity

According to research from Big Fat Balloons, the balloon delivery and teddy bear gifts specialist, the less you earn the more generous you are when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for family and friends.

In a recent survey, over 40% (41.3%) of respondents who earn less than £20,000 per year admitted to spending over £30 on an average gift for family and friends. Yet only a quarter (25.6%) of those who earn between £21,000 and £40,000 will spend over £30 per gift.

And it seems the more you earn the less generous you become, with less than a quarter (23%) of respondents who earn between £41,000 and £60,000 admitting to spending over £30 each on gifts for friends and family.

It’s only when earnings rise above £60,000 that generosity starts to increase again – but only just – with 42.5% of respondents admitting to spending over £30 per gift for friends and family. Yet, as expected, this sector did see the biggest overall spenders with £17.5% anticipating that they will spend over £50 on an average gift for their friends or family.

Big Fat Balloons offers a range of helium balloons, teddy bear gifts and box of chocolates for all budgets, whether you’re looking for a low cost but exciting Christmas gift or looking to splash out a bit more on your loved ones. All Christmas balloons and gifts can be delivered in time for Christmas if ordered before the 21st of December 2006.

Download the full press release in pdf format.

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