Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas break. After a huge increase in the amount of orders for teddy bears, helium balloons and chocolates over December it was lovely to spend a quiet Christmas at home with the kids.

However now all is back to normal and we are busy getting some new balloons and bears for Valentine’s Day!

My new year’s resolutions for Big Fat Balloons?

  • Expand the balloon range to include Air Walkers and larger balloons
  • Introduce new teddy bears to provide a better choice to customers
  • Start a regular email newsletter to keep you informed of the latest product lines and offers at Big Fat Balloons
  • Add a post to this Blog at least once a week

Now I’ve committed to it in writing, there’s no way out of it!

On the personal side I’d like to make more time to exercise and to make sure I keep in touch with friends!

Wishing you all a fantastic year for 2007!

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