New Me to You My Blue Nose Friends

My Blue Nose Friends Midnight Chase, Splash and Peekaboo

There are some new My Blue Nose Friends in Tatty Teddy’s wardrobe! From left to right they include:

  1. My Blue Nose Friend Peekaboo the Mole (No. 70) – Peekaboo is the clumsy mole who always seems to be getting lost; though she’d swear blind that it’s never her fault!
  2. My Blue Nose Friend Splash the Octopus (No. 69) – Splash is the ambitious octopus who has his tentacles all over the place; he’s a sucker for anything new!
  3. My Blue Nose Friend Chase the Jack Russell (No. 71) – Chase is the energetic Jack Russell who is always on the go… you’d be barking mad to try and keep up with her!
  4. My Blue Nose Friend Midnight the Owl (No. 72) – Midnight is the nocturnal owl who loves a good party; wherever he is, you know it’ll be a hoot!

Why not add one of these delightful characters (or all of them!) to your My Blue Nose Friends collection today!

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