How to Make a Helium Balloon Arch

A simple way to create stunning balloon decorations for your party or event

If you’re planning a party, event or any sort of celebration, balloon decorations are an easy way to transform most venues and instantly create an exciting atmosphere.

If you’re put off by the costs of hiring a professional decorator, don’t despair. With a little time, patience and the right guidance, you can easily create your own impressive decorations.

Here we’ve put together the instructions to create a single helium balloon arch – guaranteed to create a grand entrance and impress your guests!

To make your balloon arch you will need:

  • Some latex balloons – make sure they are all the same size
  • Nylon line (fishing line) or curling ribbon
  • 2 heavy weights (approximately 500g each side) – you can make your own by filling containers with sand.
  • Short strands of curling ribbon
  • Balloon sizer – You can easily create your own by cutting out circle of 10″ to 12″ diameter (according to the type of balloons you are using) into a piece of cardboard
  • Helium
  • Hifloat – not necessary but recommended. Hifloat will allow your balloons to float up to 25 times longer. Un-treated they will usually only float for 8 to 12 hours, so hi-float will enable you to prepare everything in advance. Read our Hi-Float – The Key To Long Lasting Balloon Decorations post for more information

Making a Single Helium Balloon Arch

Make a Balloon Arch

Tie the helium filled balloon directly onto the line or ribbon

Balloon Arch

Continue adding helium balloons along the line

How to make a balloon arch

Gently slide the balloons on the ribbon to adjust the spacing


Choose the size and style of your arch

This will help you work out what length of ribbon or nylon line you need to build your arch.

  • Same height and width (half a circle) – 1.5 x height + width = approximate length
  • Wider than tall – Height + width = approximate length
  • Taller than wide – 2 x height + width = approximate length

Calculate how many balloons you need

Divide the approximate length you have calculated above by the diameter of the balloons you will use. For example 11″ or 12″. This will give you the number of balloons needed to create the arch, make sure you allow for a few spares.

Make your balloon arch

  1. Cut a length of nylon line or curling ribbon as calculated above
  2. Tie one end of the line to the back of a chair or the top of your helium canister and the other to one of the heavy weights
  3. Inflate a balloon with helium to the correct diameter using your sizing template and tie it directly onto the line approximately 24″ from the end
  4. Continue adding helium balloons along the line making sure there is about 12 inch of space between them so they are not crowded but evenly spaced along the line. You can gently slide the balloons on the ribbon to adjust the spacing if needed

That’s it – stand back and admire!

Finishing touches, tips and ideas

  • When you have finished, tie short strands of curling ribbon around the knot of each balloon and curl the ends with scissors
  • Alternate colours along the line to create a pattern
  • For a variation on the single arch, try tying an air-filled latex balloon directly below the helium-filled one, creating the high-low arch
  • Create rainbow arches by placing several single balloon arches of varying length together, creating a rainbow of colours
  • Always tie the balloons from the same side of the line, inflate to the same size and space evenly

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