Gift Interview with Mark Rowe of Gift Gen

In our first gift interview with a male of the species(!), meet Mark Rowe from the gift idea generator Gift Gen and discover the (bad) gift story behind the “apron” picture below…

What is the best gift you have ever received?

Hhhhmmmmm…. A homemade anniversary card from my wife. Because it was not only imaginatively done (she had used 4 matches as candles on a cake she’d drawn, to signify the 4 years since our wedding), but it had obviously taken quite a lot of effort. Having said that I’ve also been given a lovely pocket watch, which I use all the time.

What is the worst present you have received?

An apron! I have no idea why, but my in-laws bought it for me. It wasn’t a hint about the washing up or anything, as it was more of a carpenters apron. I’m not sure what happened to it, but my wife did take a picture of me wearing it, with a very puzzled look on my face!

Who is the most difficult person you have to buy for?

My stepfather. Because he hasn’t got a hobby as such, but likes ‘tinkering’. I usually get him a bottle of whisky or something DIY related. He has virtually every tool there is now I think! (and most brands of whiskey).

Do you enjoy buying gifts?

I do enjoy it to an extent, but I do get fed up if I end up doing lots of traipsing around. It’s always a challenge to get a balance between ‘useful’ – which can verge on boring if you’re not careful, and ‘frivolous’ – which can easily tip over into ‘throwaway’. The joy is finding something a bit unusual that is just a perfect match for the recipient (hopefully!).

What is your top gift buying tip?

I’ve got two, I hope that’s okay…
1. Remember, you don’t have to buy “stuff”. We’ve told some of our friends and relatives not to buy us any more stuff! Not only have we got enough things already, but we don’t NEED anything. We would prefer a charity donation, gift experience, hamper, flowers or a favour as a gift. Others may agree! I have some printable ‘favour vouchers‘ here, which anyone is free to use…

2. Use to get ideas without having to painfully wrack your brain, or traipse aimlessly around the shops.

What are your favourite gift web sites? !!!! (my site)


Mark Rowe is the Co-creator of GiftGen – The Gift Ideas Generator. Mark is 38 years old, married with no children.

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