Turn your home into a haunted house for Halloween

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or not, you can still get into the haunting mood – and get the kids excited, by decorating your home.

Even if you just do the front door and hallway area, your house is sure to be a hit with trick or treaters.

If you want to keep it simple then standard orange and black balloons are a quick and easy way to set the Halloween mood and if you want something a bit more special check out our Halloween balloons.

This year’s additions to the range include:

While our fun pumpkin balloons are rather popular, no Halloween decorations would be complete without the obligatory pumpkin glowing in the window.

I ‘ve been told that real pumpkins are surprisingly easy to carve, just spoon out the pulp and seeds, and carefully cut out eyes, nose and mouth with a sharp knife, taking care not to cut yourself. Add a tea light and you’re away!

Maybe I should try and carve my own pumpkin this year!

For Halloween party tips, check out our article A Tricky Problem for a Halloween Party.

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