Beating the Ghosts of Christmas Gift Buying – the Ghost of Indecision

Me to You Christmas Bear

Scrooge doesn’t know how easy he had it! Only three Christmas spirits bothered him on Christmas Eve. Yet many of us are plagued with an army of ghosts from Christmas’s past.

We’ll be naming and shaming these ghosts in this blog and giving you the weapons to strike them down before they even raise their heads.

The first of our chilling list of Christmas ghosts is the Ghost of Indecision.

This is the ghost that can never decide what to get friends and family. It shows its face when you’re trying to decide what to buy the person who already has everything.

Preparation is the best way to send this ghost packing. Throughout the year note down different gift ideas. They can be as outrageous or as boring as you like, but at least you’ll have a bank of ideas to select from when Christmas arrives.

If you’re struggling for ideas for this year, then take time out to do some brainstorming. Sit down with a pen and paper and write down as many gift ideas as you can. At this stage don’t worry about cost or suitability; it’s more about getting the Christmas gift ideas flowing.

If you come up with expensive ideas, it’s sometimes possible to find similar Christmas gifts at a much lower cost. For example, their favourite perfume might be out of your budget, but often the matching shower gel is more affordable.

To start you off, think about the person in question, their likes, dislikes, interests and even their working environment. For instance, a sales rep might appreciate a sat nav or if you’re on a budget a favourite CD that they can play while driving.

For some more gift ideas why not check:

After all, once you get the creative juices flowing the Ghost of Indecision will be sent back to its grave.

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