2008 “Key Gift Dates” For Your Diary

Don’t miss any important dates in 2008.

As I’ve always struggled to remember the right dates for birthdays and anniversaries, I find it especially annoying that some key dates like Mother’s Day change every year.

They can just take you by surprise and then the next thing you know, you’re embarrassed for forgetting.

Of course now that I run a business where all gift dates are essential – I have to know about them.

So you’re not taken by surprise this year – here are the key gift dates to put down in your 2008 diary (and while you’re doing it, why not put down all birthdays and anniversaries you need to remember too)

  • Valentine’s Day – 14th of February
  • Mother’s Day 2008 – 2nd of March
  • Easter March 2008 – 21st to 24th of March
  • Father’s Day – 15th of June
  • Halloween – 31st of October

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