Halifax Company Launches Balloon Gift Website

Helium filled balloons are set to become the latest “must send” gift, according to Big Fat Balloons, which launched its balloon and gift website, www.bigfatballoons.co.uk last month.

The brainchild of husband and wife website design team, Tim and Sophie Baxter, Big Fat Balloons provides a real alternative to sending traditional flowers. Sophie first came up with the idea when a friend sent her a balloon in a box to celebrate the birth of her first son.

It was a great gift that really stood out. It kept my new baby son – not to mention his dad, entertained for hours. A few months later, I ordered a gift balloon for a friend’s 50th birthday and she loved it. In fact, she still talks about it today.”

It seemed such a good idea that my husband and I decided to look into it from a commercial point of view. Having completed a great deal of research, Tim and I decided that it was a viable business proposition and created Big Fat Balloons,” said Sophie.

As web designers, Sophie and Tim have developed a number of successful ecommerce sites for clients and have now used their combined expertise to create their own, sophisticated website.

A great deal of care has gone into designing and creating content for www.bigfatballoons.co.uk which has taken 18 months to develop and build. The site is very easy to navigate and incorporates the latest thinking from website usability studies and techniques to help ensure that it ranks well with the major search engines.

The site has been built from the point of view of the customer. It is aimed primarily at busy individuals who haven’t got the time to browse the high street for unusual gifts, although it is suitable for anyone looking for something that little bit different.

We’ve made the website as easy as possible for browsers to search for items, order and pay securely online for next day delivery. To make the surprise even more special, you can add chocolates, teddy bears to your gift balloon through our website. And for those individuals who find gift buying a chore, we’ve included hints and tips on how to buy great gifts to offer inspiration,” said Sophie.

Big Fat Balloons has balloons and gifts for all occasions, from birthdays, anniversaries and retirements to thank you, congratulations and favourite teacher – in fact think of a celebration, and there is probably a balloon for the occasion. So gift hunters no longer have to make do with flowers – now they can also “say it with a Big Fat Balloon”.

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