Ghost of Pointless Christmas Presents

Christmas Balloon Bouquet

It’s time for a visit by our second ghost of Christmas gifts – the Ghost of Pointless Christmas Presents.

We’ve all been visited by this ghost at one time or another. Forking out for the latest gadget that seemed like a great buy at the time, only to find it buried in a drawer years later.

To destroy this ghost, always think twice before you buy. First, ask yourself if the gift has real purpose or wow factor? For instance, the Furby – the must-have toy from a decade ago – was entertaining for at least fifteen minutes, but had no real use other than as a furry ornament, collecting dust on an office shelf.

Yet on the other hand, electronic consoles including the Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony Playstation, have a certain amount of longevity as you can buy new games. They’re also great at keeping the kids (and even the husband) quiet for an hour or so, that is until the arguments about whose turn it is next, kick-off.

The second question to ask is – will they really appreciate this Christmas gift? Again it’s about going beyond the novelty factor and working out whether or not the gift will have real value for the recipient.

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Here’s to a fun Christmas and keep an eye out for our next ghost of Christmas gift buying.

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