How to Turn a Good Gift Into a Truly Fantastic Gift

This month’s gift tip is all about wrapping! I hope you find it useful.

For many of us the anticipation of unwrapping is a large part of receiving a present.

As a beautifully packaged gift is much more exciting than one sloppily wrapped in crumpled paper – spend a little time on presentation and you will easily turn a good gift into a fantastic gift.

Even if you’re all fingers and thumbs with the sticky tape don’t worry – gift bags and gift boxes can turn anyone into an expert wrapper. For extra effect, scrunch up some matching tissue paper and use it to cushion your gift.

If you want your gift to be truly memorable, think outside the box (excuse the pun) and present your gifts in a bag, vase, antique box, picnic basket, backpack or anything the recipient might enjoy or use.

Make sure the container enhances your gift. For instance for a keen gardener you might fill a pot with bulbs, a small shovel, some gloves and a gardening book.

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